Tricks to Play on Teachers and Your Parents That Really Work.
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Tricks to Play on Teachers and Your Parents That Really Work.

Tricks to get your teachers and parents to do what you want. Get your teachers to love you.

Manners for teenagers… and everyone else.  Tip 3

Tricks to play on teachers and your parents that really work.

Why being polite always gets you what you want.

Being polite always works because politeness is a dying art.  People are too busy or too crass to be bothered by being polite.  “Why should I be polite when nobody else is?”

That’s exactly the secret.  When nobody is being polite… and you are… you stand out as “special.” 

What is “politeness” anyway?  Is it “saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’?”   It’s holding a door for someone behind you.  It’s opening a car door for your lady.  It’s making a tiny effort, which makes everyone single you out as being special.  Makes people look up to you.

Special people get rewards.  Teachers, parents, girlfriends and boyfriends, even brothers and sisters will single you out as being “smarter.”  Just an average person can become a “teacher’s pet” with just a few “polite” tricks. 

Tricks with teachers:

Always say “good morning” with a smile.  Teachers get so much bad feedback, they will look at you as if you are really special.  Say thank you every time a teacher hands you a paper.  Once in a while, let the teacher know that he/she is your favorite.  You can’t believe how much a teacher loves to hear positive feedback.

Tricks with parents:

When’s the last time you said, “Thanks, Dad,” for no reason at all.  “Love you Mom”… will get you so much credit.  Here’s a really good one.  For no reason at all, hug you mother or father.  It’ll blow them away.  Parents are so simple.  They just want you to love them.  Be brave.  Make them feel good.  Give ‘em a hug.  Guaranteed… you will get anything you want.

Tricks with brothers and sisters:

When is the last time you told your sister, “That’s a good idea.”  or  “That’s so brilliant.”  or  “You’re looking really nice tonight.”  It’s so simple to make brothers and sisters love you and make sure you are their favorite.  It’s just being nice.  But you have to work at it.  It’s not hard… but it takes practice.

Give your dad a hug for no reason, and watch what happens!

(c) David Sullivan 2011

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Comments (5)

Hopefully these tricks will turn into good manners.

Great tricks, they really work!

ha ha, as a teacher i love this. What a great way to get kids to remember those simple social skills that are in danger of being forgotten.

I was going to vote this, but have no votes left, will try and remember to return!

Thanks for sharing tip tricks...